So, what's this blog about?

"Narrating Happiness" is based on the idea that happiness comes from the stories we tell ourselves. Happiness is about the trajectories of our personal narratives, and it’s as much about where we’re going as where we came from. This blog is about the idea that happiness is always possible with practice and resiliency – and that failure and sadness can exist in happy lives.

"Narrating Happiness" aims to use design and storytelling to allow people the platform to (re)consider their own narratives. It is an experiment in journalism, art and psychology.

Here, I talk to all kinds of people – from those who have made small positive changes in their lives to those striving for happiness even under the toughest of circumstances. By reframing and finding the beauty in their stories, I help people to take control of their own happiness and their own narratives.

Want to learn more about me and what I do? Head over to my personal portfolio site.